Learn about the causes and consequences of underage drinking.

Follow the lives of three teenagers, and explore the decisions they make.


Watch, Interact, Learn

Smashed Online is an interactive experience designed to help young people make responsible decisions around alcohol. Students can interact with the characters, help them make decisions, and think about what they would do differently. Smashed Online is fully endorsed by the CCEA in Northern Ireland and aligned to the Learning for Life & Work Curriculum.

How does it work?

The experience lasts for around 60-90 minutes. Students will experience an interactive film combined with activities to improve knowledge, social awareness, and decision-making skills around underage drinking. Students can learn on their own, or teachers can download the teacher pack for group sessions.


How do students access it?

It’s free to access. Just share a link to Smashed Online with your students, who can sign up individually. No personal information or contact details are required. Students can save their progress, returning to it at any time. Smashed Online contains lots of video content, so please ask your class to connect to the internet where possible.


Get the guide

For group sessions, you can download our teacher pack here.